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The Corfu Trail

178 kilometers with 5400 meters elevation gain – walk from the far south to the northern tip of the island and witness Corfu's diversity on your own. Let's say the Corfu Trail is one of Greece’s best kept secrets.

Through groves.
Along beaches.
Up to mountains.

Corfu island is a dream destination in Greece for walking and hiking holidays. All over the Ionian island footpaths can be found, crossing through ancient olive groves, along sandy beaches and through fertile valleys. In 2001 an ongoing network of footpaths was established, the Corfu Trail, crossing the island from the southern tip to its northernmost point.


The trail largely avoids the main tourism hubs on the island, by passing through rural areas and traditional villages. You decide where your adventure starts on the Corfu Trail and for how long it lasts. From the entire 11 day trek to enjoyable day hikes.

Guided Tours

Our professional local guides will take you on incredible, fully organized hikes.

Self-guided Tours

Enjoy your freedom on the trails without the hassle of trip logistics.

Semi-guided Tours

Combine more freedom and independence with the services of a professional guide where required.




Experiencing Corfu


Greek Cuisine

Dive into the delights of Greek Cuisine full of Fresh seafood, tasteful vegetables and grilled meat. Don't miss out to try some corfiot specialities like Patitsada, Sofrito or the mouthwatering Walnut pie.


Local Experience

As one of Corfu's longest established agents, we take great pride in our local knowledge. Our multi-lingual, experienced and obliging staff are qualified to take responsibility and to act with creativity and flexibility,


Unique Nature

Blessed with hillsides thick with pine, old olive groves, cypress and eucalypt forests that tumble down to blue-green seas, Corfu is a beach and nature lover's dream.


The Route




Angelokastro is one of the oldest Byzantine castles in Greece. On top of a rock formation, on a steep slope, 305 meters above sea level the ruins of the castle are still telling stories about past times, when the fortress was pivotal in defending Corfu from invaders and pirates.


Mount Pantokrator

Mount Pantokrator is with 917 meters the highest mountain of Corfu, where the Monastery of the Ipsilos Pantokrator is located. From up here there is an impressive view over the island and over to Albania.


Lake Korission

The area of the Korission Lagoon and the Issos sand dunes, is a protected area. The Issos sand dunes are full of Junipers which hold the dunes together. The area can be a true treasure for bird spotters, with luck you can see great cormorant and the greater flamingo.



Show your support

The Corfu Trail Shirt

With every purchase of an official Corfu Trail T-Shirt you support the maintenance of the paths of the Corfu Trail.

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